These Are Two Things Usually Do by Someone To Have A Good Internet Connection

Internet connection is very needed by many people in the present. This is because many things they do on the internet and will greatly affect those who need them. In fact, many jobs and other things that can only be done if you have a fast internet connection. In the village usually someone will get a bad internet connection, for that matter, internet desa present to provide fast and quality internet connection.

Because in a village usually does not have a good internet connection, then there are many ways a person does to get a fast connection. Some of these ways may look silly, but the reality is still done, like

1. Lifting Mobile with High
Many people who believe that by raising a mobile phone with high will provide a lot of signals and fast connection. Although it sounds funny and embarrassing, in fact, it is always done by those who need it.

2. Lingering in the Office
In the office, you usually will get a fast internet connection. To that end, many people are getting late because they want to get fast internet connection in the office.