Myth in Golf That Often Inhibits the Golfer!

1. Golf Sports Expensive
The myth of the most widely developed in society is expensive golf sport. The price of golf equipment ranging from golf clubs to golf ballpoint gauges which is on the website which golf rangefinder to buy. In addition, high field rentals often hinder the intention of the golfer to explore this sport. In fact, you can play economically from smart to choose a golf course and rent or use golf equipment provided by the golf club.

2. Golf is Only Played by Men
At the beginning of its development, golf is a sport devoted to men. However, at this time golf can be played by anyone, men, women and even children. Call it some talented female golfers like Ryu So Yeon, Lydia Ko, Lexie Thompson, and Chayenne Woods have managed to break the myth in this golf.

3. Golf played all day
Generally, a golfer only takes about 4 hours to complete 18 holes. If you have excessive busyness or limited playing time, do not limit yourself to time limits. Choose a golf course of 9 holes only to save time.