Retirement with deposit: Avoid depending on company’s retirement fees only

Intend to take early retirement opportunity? Before you decide, there are some things you should know and prepare. Obviously, after taking early retirement, you have no regular income every month and this should be anticipated and prepared as well as possible because you can no longer depend on others in providing for yourself or your spouse. Meanwhile, you can visit to find a reliable retirement service company.

One way to prepare for early retirement is by using deposits, and what about the first step you should take for it?

Avoid just relying on a pension from the company

Most people choose to stay set up severance pay from the company to be able to meet the needs of life that no longer have income. Though the nominal value decreased every year.

So, the severance pay is probably no longer enough to cover all living costs up to the 70s as in your shadow. Or if you were a civil servant, you must know that the amount of pension is usually smaller than the salary you received during the work.

That is, your lifestyle should also be lowered in proportion to the nominal value you receive as a pension.