Avoiding the expensive power bill when you’re using an AC

One of the most common consumer errors is lowering temperatures up to 16 degrees Celsius. In fact, such temperatures are almost impossible to find in the tropical countries. Instead, the temperature of 22-23 degrees is still difficult because the weather is not supportive. Meanwhile, you need to visit http://www.airconservicingsingapore.com/ if your AC requires being repaired by the professionals.

To note, remote serves as admin. When you set a certain temperature, remote will send commands to the machine to meet the temperature. What happens if you set a temperature that the machine can not afford?

The compressor on the machine will work unceasingly until the room temperature matches the temperature at the remote, which will never happen. As a result, electrical power is dodged like water and the engine becomes more rapidly damaged.

From now on, set the temperature to 24 degrees as the maximum limit. Thus, the remote tells the AC that the user wants a room with a temperature of 24 degrees. AC will exert its ability to fulfill the order.

When the room temperature is stable, the air conditioner turns into a fan mode wherein this condition AC consumes very small electrical power like using a fan.