Installing the vinyl floor

Vinyl products of the Meiny Vinyl class, do not recommend self-mounting. For maximum results, the Vinyl expert from Meigan Flooring will install this product in professional and standardized procedural stages-The application process should go through 4 installation stages: Self-leveling-Buffing-Vacum-Gluing. This thorough process which makes it strong is also making it possible to be the best floor for dogs.

In that context, specifically for the installation of Vinyl Roll, can only be done by Vinyl plug experts. Therefore, there is a welding process that Vinyl experts are not easy to do, let alone ordinary consumers.
In general, in the correct sequence, the Vinyl Floor Installation Method includes the following:

1. The condition of the floor should be straight/flat. Then, the floor will certainly be free of dust, water, and humidity. In this case, the Self-leveling-Buffing-Vacum process is carried out optimally.

2. Doors in the room usually become a benchmark alignment.

3. Gluing is done by using special glue (so not yellow glue).

4. At least three days after installation, the floor can be cleaned using a broom and/or mopped(in a minimum of water).