Inflation can be a huge problem for the new investors

Investing is one way people choose to increase asset value. In other words, make more money without working hard. Today more and more people are beginning to move into the realm of investment. There are also so many new investors who have hired forex broker in order to minimize the risks when they’ve just started to learn as they try their best to make some profits.

For investment can be used as a tool to achieve financial goals for long-term planning. For example, investment is used to cover children’s education fund or pension fund later. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of wrong investment. Instead, investments are done even financially harmful. And unfortunately, it happens unnoticed.

Keep in mind that investment is not the main choice of most of the middle class in big cities. Although the choice of investment today is very much. Ranging from mutual funds, stocks, to bonds. Apparently, there are still many who save funds in the form of savings. In fact, the value of money in savings will fall due to eroded by inflation.

Inflation is still one of the main reasons why it is necessary to invest. It can not be denied if the impact of inflation spread to the economic sector. High inflation makes things difficult. Because inflation affects the price increase of goods.

If you save funds in the form of savings, it is fairly safe because it is guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation. However, the interest received is still less significant in providing benefits. Moreover, the cost of education has increased more than 15%. Certainly if only relying on savings interest to finance the cost of education will not be enough.