3 Early steps for your digital marketing campaign

Digital Marketing is a marketing process done in the digital sphere, can be in websites, blogs, online stores, applications, even a marketplace. Digital Marketing is not limited to business owners only, but it could be our product promoted on someone else’s website. So not always mindset Digital Marketing it means to create a website, blog, or application. In the meantime, you can hire the one at pagesatu.com/adwords as well.

Before starting a business using Digital Marketing, it takes structured planning so that you do not repeat the same mistakes many businesspeople have done. Here are 7 steps before starting a business with Digital Marketing.

1. Measuring Resources

You should be able to estimate the potential related to your marketing, HR, and time.

Marketing related content in the form of brochures, catalogs, newsletters, videos, and another marketing acumen.
Measure HR assets by capturing the skills and talents of employees. Then select the appropriate employees to handle this Digital Marketing project.
If there are employees in your team who are competent but have limited time to handle this work, try to delegate some tasks to other employees in order to focus on work.

2. Checking sales and marketing.

Before starting a business using Digital Marketing, you need to understand where your customers and sales are coming from. Are they from online or offline platforms? You should also know the number of visits needed on your website, in order to generate leads and detect the number of prospects that consumers become.

3. Determine the goals you want to achieve

You obviously want to achieve success right now, right? So plan your ultimate goal more structured, so it can have a positive impact on your business development in the future.