Preventing Child’s Bad Breath

Bad breath is not only a problem for adults but also children. Bad breath usually occurs in children starting when having teeth, ie between the ages of 6-8 months and over, or who start drinking milk with a pacifier. There are several causes of bad breath in your child, you can visit dentist marietta to overcome this problem.

Among them, poorly maintained tooth and mouth hygiene, runny nose and blocked nose, cavities, as well as eating certain foods. To prevent bad breath in children, the most telling way of course to keep oral hygiene.

1. Try to brush your child’s teeth twice a day, ie in the morning and before bedtime. In children whose age has not reached two years, suggested better assisted by mother’s fingers and gauze soaked in warm water. The sidelines of the teeth, where the food remains often piled up, not to be missed.

2. You can also brush the tongue of the child gently to clean the remains of food that is also often attached in this section.

3. Choose a small toothbrush for a child with toothpaste the size of a corn kernel.

4. Familiarize your child rinsing with water after eating or after drinking milk.

5. Avoid letting your child sleep while sucking milk.