Differences Tooth Whitening and Dental Bleaching

A beautiful smile, beginning with teeth that are white, healthy, and well groomed. The term does not seem excessive, but maintaining healthy teeth was not easy and often ignored. When asked, when was the last time we visited the dentist? Public awareness of the suggestion to come to the dentist for six months seems to have not grown in every individual, so the beauty of teeth was often overlooked. In fact, white and healthy teeth are the initial capital of the level of confidence.

However, not to worry. Currently, Kassi Klein DDS methods are present to add the aesthetic value of your teeth series. One of them, the treatment to make the teeth whiter. For example, tooth whitening and dental bleaching techniques to make teeth whiter. Tooth whitening is a procedure in dentistry that aims to restore the natural color of the teeth, while dental bleaching is a procedure for obtaining a whiter tooth whiter than the original color.