Choosing Sales As Your Work, Why Not?

Holding a degree with a particular specialty is also not a guarantee of a smooth career path. In the midst of this indecision, consider a career in the sales sector as your job. Any company, whether Big Business or Small Business would need a salesman as the company’s main lance. In addition, there are many advantages that you can rake in beside salary and attractive bonuses. Check out the reason why becoming a sales work is one of the best job choices for you!

1. Employment is wide enough
Every company must have a sales department. This fact is added that whatever majors you take in college can try a career path as a salesperson. The department can actually be your advantage. For example, if you are applying as a salesperson in a pharmaceutical company, a background in the medical or scientific world will certainly attract the attention of the company. Similarly, foreign language majors required multinational corporations or IT departments sought companies in the industry.

2. Develop a network
You have the opportunity to meet and connect with different types of individuals and industry players. A competent salesman would know that interaction with clients is not limited to selling products, but also establish relationships based on trust. This professional relationship will benefit you throughout the career journey in the future.

3. Compensation in line with the work
Unlike most other positions, sales department employees are generally rewarded with commission incentives in accordance with their work and targets. Simply put, the harder you work and the more you perform, the greater the performance bonus you can get. Since you can see firsthand the fruit of your hard work, there is a certain satisfaction that can be obtained from this working system.

4. Learn discipline
With the system already mentioned in the above points, you certainly need to be more careful with your allocation of time and energy in the workplace. Most sales departments in various companies enjoy flexible working hours to pursue and set targets, but this can turn backfire if you are lacking discipline. Just remember if you will get a bonus if consistent in your performance. Working in this field will teach you to be proactive and keen to manage your time and your work strategy.