Tips on Choosing Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeepers are players who keep the goal in order not to be broken by opponents. Goalkeepers in soccer and futsal games have an important role to achieve a victory. One of the goalie fixtures to be met is both gloves. In addition, to protect from injury, the role of gloves also helps the goalkeeper to hold the ball easier during the game.

There’s a lot of variety of the best goalkeeper gloves sold in the market from various brands. One of the best is the one that we sell on our website. Here are some tips you can use to choose the right goalkeeping gloves.

1. Know the general dimensions on goat’s gloves

In order for the goalie gloves to be used effectively, their size should be appropriate. If the size is wrong, your game is not only disturbed but gloves will quickly break down. Measure your hands to find the right gloves. Keep in mind, the following measures are just common measures for junior and senior players.

– Size 4 and 5 is suitable for junior goalkeepers aged between 7-9 years and wearing Youth Small goalkeeping equipment. Size 6-7 is suitable for junior goalkeepers aged 10-12 years goalkeeper equipment.

– For senior players, size 7 is suitable for a small adult goalkeeper or big young goalkeeper. Size 8 for adult goalkeepers small to medium size. Size 9 for a medium-sized adult goalkeeper. Size 10 for medium to large adult goalkeepers. Size 11 for a big adult goalkeeper. Size 12 for goalkeeper hand-sized is very large.

2. Learn the construction of goalie gloves

The goat’s gloves are made of two main parts: the backs of hands and palms, and the material of these two parts is often different. Learn the different options for the materials of both sections in order to choose the right gloves for you. Gloves should be made of materials and pieces that best suit the surface of the game field as well as your weather and budget conditions. For example, all parts of the palm surface are made of latex, but the best type of goat gloves are entirely latex. This feature will certainly affect your decision. Normal goalkeeper gloves only have a latex coating on the palm of the hand but is enough to protect your hands.