Popular Terms in Google AdWords

Understanding these various terminologies is important for you who are in the process of learning Adwords Los Angeles. Because, in the process of use later, this terminology will be very often used.


A campaign is the most common term often used in AdWords. A campaign is a major process in SEM itself. Campaigns include various ad groups, each of which is the ad. So you can say the campaign is SEM itself. Campaigns generally have one goal tailored to their respective business objectives, to generate revenue, brand awareness, or lead generation.

Ad group

The ad group is a collection of various ad or ad. In a campaign, ad group is used for grouping. For example, if a campaign aims to promote a hotel product, then an ad group can be created based on the name of the hotel or the name of the city where the hotel is located. This grouping aims to organize campaigns for easy optimization. Usually in an ad group consists of one type of product category. This is done so that the keywords used do not collide with each other in a campaign.