Mistakes in using condoms that often caused a leak

In addition to preventing HIV outbreaks and venereal diseases, condoms are often used to prevent ‘conceded’ or unexpected pregnancies. For that, wives and husband may have a condom as a form of anticipation of it. Although the security risk is quite promising, there are still some things that can make wives get pregnant. Aside from that, you can also buy condoms from online shops to get more privacy for your purchase.

Among these are a number of errors when using the following condoms:

1. Less attention to condom damage

Investigation of condom conditions is important, as there is often a breakdown that can cause leakage. Leakage is what makes the use of condoms is not effective. The damage often occurs when opening the condom packaging.

2. Incorrect storage

Did the wives, it turns out condoms need to be stored in a cool and dry, you know. mistakes in storing condoms can cause damaged condoms and diminish their effectiveness.

3. Too quickly remove the condom

After sexual intercourse, many immediately remove the condom. Though it should be released when the condom is completely finished if condoms are released too quickly, just the same with the wives sexual intercourse without a condom.

4. Use of the same condom

Sometimes, men often use the same condom more than once. Though should be used only once condom only. Condoms used more than once may increase the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. The same use of condoms over and over can also reduce their effectiveness.