Various Types of Blind Available on the Market

The window is part of the house whose function is for lighting, air circulation and to beautify the house. The window coverings are sometimes called blinds to control the amount of light and dust entering. Perhaps, you have the idea of installing Wooden Blinds, but there are so many window blind options to choose from whether you choose the one made from wood or another material.


Vitrase is one type of the blind, which tends to use light and thin materials, like lace or brocade, silk parachute, organdy, nylon, polyester nylon, and synthetic fabrics. Types of rough and textured fabrics , thin cotton fabrics, and thin white fabrics. This is what distinguishes the vitrage from the blinds, which commonly use thick, heavy, and tight materials, including velvet, calico, jeans, silk and so on.

Roller Blinds

This type of blinds if opened then will roll upwards. The material of this blind uses several choices of materials such as cloth, canvas, leather or cotton. Roller blinds are very suitable to be applied in the boardroom, management office, cafe, and even residential houses that have large window sizes.

Vertical Blinds

This type of blind opened and closed by shifting with the help of a rope, rolled to the right side/left, or folded. Vertical blinds are blinds with 10-12cm wide vertical sidewall bars. The material of this blind uses several choices of materials such as cloth, canvas. It is commonly used for the office.

Horizontal Blinds

The blinds are blinds made of nonfabric. This type provides privacy in the room. This form is very efficient and gives a strong character to the room in the form of blades elongated/horizontal window blades. Material horizontal blinds of wood, aluminum, or paper.

Knowing which type of window blind for your home will help you prevent getting the product that doesn’t meet your desire and needs. That’s why you may rush any choice unless you already know which blind to buy.